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Just a quick heads up for those still using the old IP ( - From the 3rd of April this IP will  NO LONGER WORK!  Please switch over to the new IP  if this does not work please let me know and temporarily use the fallback IP
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Hello! To keep the server fresh for everyone a map reset and partial server reset will occur on Friday the 4th of December during the evening. The server may go down or be whitelisted during this time, keep an eye out on the Discord to receive notifications on when it's completed. I am in the process of downloading the world file, I'll try find a way to put it up for download but it's probably going to be about 10gb+ so I will look into a way to save certain builds for people that want them and transfer them as schematic files (map link is located at the bottom, I've tried to compress it as much as possible). The server has also had a rebrand, mainly just dropping the word "Grilled" from the name, but I'm also considering updating rank names to fit the "farmyard" theme of the server as-well as adding some other farm based activities. The time and date aren't set in stone so it could potentially change, check the Discord for updates. What will be reset? All worlds (Main, End and Nether) Towns Economy (players money) Ranks McMMO levels Jobs Acheivements Thanks for playing, it'll be exciting to start from scratch again Old Map Download:
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Hey everyone, I've been working on making minions way easier to use and understand. I've removed the ability to craft minions and upgrades and instead opted to tie minions into the economy by using a shop system. To access the shop just use /minions shop - upgrades can be purchased at the Server Shop /warp market . To upgrade your minion just right click it and select the gold bar on the top row of it's inventory, the max level for each minion is now level III. Anyone has the ability to open the shop and purchase minions, but only users with the Elite/Deity rank can actually place them! Elite can still only place the cow rancher/wheat farmer minions, Deity have the ability to place all minions.
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Hello! The server is still in very early days, but at a point where everything I've wanted to implement is on the server. That said I want to keep it fresh, the server will always be evolving as new Minecraft updates are released, players come up with cool ideas, and new plugins are found. In the last couple of days I found a really cool plugin that I think will add a new level to the server, dungeons! These dungeons will randomly spawn throught the survival world (with an average distance of ~22 chunks of each other). There are currently three types of dungeons on the server: Battle Tower : These are pretty self explanatory, they are tower like structures with different levels. On each level you'll find a monster spawner and a couple of ore blocks. On the top level a chest will spawn with random loot. Depending on the biome they will look different! Spoiler Doomlike and Rougelike Dungeons: These are underground dungeons, that usually have an obvious entrance point that can be find above ground - like a staircase surrounded by stone bricks for example. These dungeons are pretty full on from what I've found, so make sure you gear up! They are very rewarding and are full of chests with loot ranging from books, to diamond armour. Spoiler These images were taken from the plugin page: I've already had a play around with the dungeons and from what I can tell, they are difficult enough but also rewarding enough. That said if you have any issues or ideas please let me know, on Discord , the server or by leaving a reply on this thread. I have also made some other minor changes with the server: Added LWC (chest protection) - Chests should be protected automatically when placed. To lock chests you already have use /cprivate - to view the full command list use /lwc. LWC also offers different flags for chests like magnet, which will suck items up dropped near them /lwc flags - for more info. Changed the daily rewards plugin , this won't effect gameplay at all, rewards remain the same. With the major difference been that rewards will increase based on consecutive logins. There is also an NPC you can right click at spawn that opens a GUI. Higher ranks will now have better rewards they can claim monthly. Finally added the shop to spawn, it's pretty basic for now, you can buy/sell most ores. More will be added and prices will change overtime based on feedback. Players can also create their own shops, just right click a slab with a stick, the amount of shop slabs you can make is based on your rank. Since players have the ability to create shops I have also added player warps . To add a player warp use /pwarp set [warp name] I also recommend setting a category and description so players can find your warps, categories include shops, houses, towns and other. Players can then do /pwarp to teleport. Spoiler New Rewards NPC at spawn: The shop: Things will continue to change overtime, but for now enjoy the new additions and stay safe!
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