Update Map/Partial Server Reset on the 4th of December
Started by GrilledCow


To keep the server fresh for everyone a map reset and partial server reset will occur on Friday the 4th of December during the evening. The server may go down or be whitelisted during this time, keep an eye out on the Discord to receive notifications on when it's completed. I am in the process of downloading the world file, I'll try find a way to put it up for download but it's probably going to be about 10gb+ so I will look into a way to save certain builds for people that want them and transfer them as schematic files (map link is located at the bottom, I've tried to compress it as much as possible).

The server has also had a rebrand, mainly just dropping the word "Grilled" from the name, but I'm also considering updating rank names to fit the "farmyard" theme of the server as-well as adding some other farm based activities.

The time and date aren't set in stone so it could potentially change, check the Discord for updates.

What will be reset?

  • All worlds (Main, End and Nether)
  • Towns
  • Economy (players money)
  • Ranks
  • McMMO levels
  • Jobs
  • Acheivements

Thanks for playing, it'll be exciting to start from scratch again 😁

Old Map Download: https://tinyurl.com/old-barn-map

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